About SOIS

The School of International Studies (SOIS) is offering undergraduate & postgraduate courses in Business, Business Management, IT & Computing, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism Management, Nursing, Fashion Designing and many more . The college has been founded with the objective of providing a globally recognized higher international education in India by a world-class Faculty and learning environment.

SOIS’s study program is the most flexible, cost-effective and time-saving pathway to universities in the world’s top study destinations. Our program allows you to start your undergraduate or postgraduate degree at home and secure entry and credit transfer at leading universities abroad.

Each academic program has been recognized by the concerned institutional authorities both globally and domestically so that the further requirements of academics can be met for entrance in different universities in Canada, Australia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


  • SOIS graduates will meet the academic requirements for entry in a number of approved university programs
  • Students can choose from various Bachelor and Master degree programs in a number of fields
  • Students can expect to receive up to 2 years of credit transfer
  • Students may also apply to enrol at universities not listed on our website since many universites recognise our programs as meeting the minimum academic requirements for entry and credit transfer

Our Vision :

SOIS seeks to nurture ethical leaders who are skilled, knowledgeable and have the life skills required for succeeding in the world outside India. SOIS constantly strives to reach the advancement and dissemination of a practically oriented knowledge bench-marked with the highest global standards.

Our Mission:

Innovation in education.

SOIS aims to be a leading college for the quality and impact of its teaching and study standards. The focus of the college is to provide high quality, vocational-based, international education standards and syllabi while providing global exposure. Our goal is to inspire students to develop self-confidence, professional knowledge and contemporary skill sets through which they meet the entry level criteria of various leading universities across the USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The college aims to create a talented community of students and Faculty who excel in teaching, learning and research in a creative and stimulating environment. The School of International Studies is collaborating with other International institutions for the innovation of business, technology and arts in the global market.