Level 7 Diploma of Strategic Management

The Post Graduate Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management is an MBA advanced entry course which provides students with the skills and knowledge needed for effective management and leadership of businesses and organisations. It’s a unique program which is learner centric. The course curriculum for Post graduate level is based on the practical application of concepts of management like Making Business Plans, Making Decisions, Managing Projects , Self development plans , Creativity , Analyzing the business and so on. Such topics not only help students in gaining knowledge but also learning about how these concepts are applicable in the real world.

The study environment for Level 7 is completely unique. We use techniques like role playing which ensures active learning processes for students, real business world case studies, and presentations by students on topics covered. We conduct discussion sessions on various business matters which are becoming news at the national and international levels. Students not only develop their managerial skills doing all this but also their cognitive skills which will help them in becoming efficient leaders in the future.

Students have a flexible learning environment in which they don’t have to be burdened with any examination stress. The post graduation MBA course is made up of 30 interactive modules and 8 written assignments. Based on the module completed students have to give an assessment which includes 30 multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) to be answered online in 1 hour and questions are framed in a way which completely reflects the understanding of concepts by the students. The written assignments are framed on the topics covered which includes case studies, making plans, field work , research work , power point presentations, business reports and documents to name a few. These written assignments help students in developing their cognitive skills, practical applicability skills along with managerial skills.

Based on successfully completing the first year students can apply for the MBA top up course in various leading Universities in countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Upon completion the learner will be able to develop the skills needed to handle professional managerial roles in sales, marketing, accounting, human resources, business consultancy and many more.

The course content for the first year of level 7 includes many innovative and international curriculum based interactive modules taken from different spheres of the business world which will not only help students in career growth but also in acquiring practices which help them in becoming successful entrepreneurs. Some of the many modules and areas covered are:

Studying and Using Management Theories

Course modules

  • Qualities of effective leadership
  • Developing interpersonal skills
  • Motivating and influencing people
  • Making decisions
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Study and use of management theories
  • The external environments of business
  • Culture and ethics
  • Governance and directorships
  • Analysing the competition
  • Marketing strategy
  • High performance sales
  • E-Marketing communication
  • Customers and their needs
  • Strategic HR management
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Performance analysis
  • Interpreting business accounts
  • Tools of financial analysis
  • Managing cash and working capital
  • Exercises in Quantitative Techniques
  • Impact of Technology on Business
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Implement and Manage Quality Systems
  • Strategic Planning Tools
  • Strategic and Systems Management
  • The Business Plan
  • Developing High Performance Teams
  • Managing Projects
  • Strategies for Growth

Program Inclusions

Each Pathway program includes full access to the IELTS preparation course and professional development short courses.

Although the courses are optional, we recommend that students take full advantage of these highly valuable education resources.

IELTS OnlineProfessional Development

Course duration

– This course has a duration of 1 year

Entry requirements

Candidate must be a graduate (Bachelor degree) from a recognized university or should have 5 years of experience in management.

Intake dates

There are 3 Intakes every year June, September & January. For more details student can contact at Institute .

Delivery method

Lectures are provided via classroom teaching as well as through online mode.

University Program

Graduates from SOIS can further progress in different prestigious universities of Australia, Canada, United States and United Kingdom and other developed nations of the world.