Study in Australia?

There were about 150,000 international student enrollments in Australia in the year 2000. In 2018, the number had risen to an all-time high at almost 900,000 international students (International Student Data 2018).

There are many reasons why Australia is one of the most sought after educational destinations in the world. According to the QS Higher Education System, Australia ranks in the 3rd spot for the best Higher Education System Strength in the world in 2018. If you’re looking to get an international education which is highly respected and recognized around the globe, Australia is one of your top options. The Australian government carefully regulates the system so that a very high standard of education is maintained.

Mercer’s Global Quality of Living Survey is one of the most trusted and comprehensive evaluations of cities and countries around the world. Out of 450 cities around the world, all Australian cities rate within the top 40! This takes into consideration many factors like education, natural environment, public services and transportation, health services, safety, job security, recreation and many more.

Students will enjoy natural beauty, many recreational activities and get the multi-cultural exposure which is needed to confidently succeed on a world-wide scale. Sky-diving, surfing, White Water rafting, bungee jumping are some of many relaxing and exciting things to do while you study. You can even swim with dolphins if you want! Students all over the world, having different cultures, beliefs, religions and languages will provide a growing experience for students which they cannot get in their native countries.

Job opportunities are plentiful and the scope for students with an Australian degree in any field will give them the upper hand for future success in the job market. Australian international students can work for 20 hours in a week while they’re studying. So you can make money, start learning how to be independent and get experience in your own field of education.

The education is mainly vocational, job-oriented with an intensive practical and research-based syllabus. In fact, research in Australia has led to many inventions you may not know which came from the beautiful country. Electronic pacemakers, medical applications of Penicillin, the black box flight recorders used in ever plane in the world today, the bionic ear and ultrasounds were invented there.

They’ve also had 16 Nobel Prize laureates.(The Nobel Prize).

Study, have fun, and get an education recognized the world over in one of the most beautiful, accomplished, successful and popular countries in the world.

Enjoy Australia, nicknamed the ‘Land Down Under’, and get the education you need!

You know that Wi-Fi technology you need to surf the net (and play video games)? Guess what, Australia invented it

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