National Health Services

The National Health Service, commonly referred to as the NHS, is one of the world’s largest publicly funded health services. It was founded in 1948, when everyone, not just people who could afford it, was constantly facing the need for good quality health care.

The National Health Service of England is managed by the Health Department and supervised by the Strategic Health Authorities (SHA) (of which there are 10 throughout the country).

Why NHS setup?

The NHS was set up so that everybody shared the burden of paying for health services offered by doctors, nurses, midwives, and dentists, rather than the costs coming directly from ill or injured people.

SOIS has signed an agreement to train Indian nurses for NHS, and for better future with international career opportunities. Nurses must fulfil the basic eligibility criteria to be part of NHS trust in India interview.

NHS Highlights

The NHS has nearly two million employees and is one of the world’s largest employers. Among these are approximately 120, 000 hospitals, 400, 000 general practitioners, 400, 000 health workers and 25, 000 ambulances.

Unbelievably, every 36 hours a NHS averages a million patients! Every second this works for approximately eight patients in England.

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Registered nurse with B.Sc Nursing/ GNM
  • Clinical experience- minimum of 6 months
  • Language test- Admission with or without IELTS

Required Documents:

  1. Nursing Registration Certificate
  2. Nursing degree/diploma
  3. Certificate of Work Experience
  4. If have, IELTS /OET
  5. Passport

SOIS program framework

  1. Register with SOIS with documents (mentioned above)
  2. IELTS/OET training at SOIS
  3. NMC Application
  4. CBT and Soft skill training at SOIS
  5.  Final Interview preparation
  6. Offer letter and Acceptance
  7. Visa processing
  8. Nurse arrived in UK then they starts working as a Health Care Assistant
  9. OSCE
  10. Receive NMC pin
  11. Become Registered Nurse

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